October 7, 2008
Editor's Note
The bailout rescue bill is now one for the books, but is it possible that Congress carefully thought through the ramifications of everything they orchestrated in such record time? Normally major legislation of this sort takes months of committee creation, debate, and consideration of long-range consequences.

And what about those wooden arrows? Widely touted as a tax break for manufacturers of small arrows for children's archery sets, the rescue bill didn't provide a tax break as much as it removed an arcane tax law that was causing arrow manufacturers to fork over 43 cents in tax on every arrow shaft manufactured. The change seems reasonable, but while trying to save the nation from financial ruin, it's interesting that somebody had time to think of a handful of arrow companies.

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Online Whiteboard Application
Pres. Wkg Group, IASB Stmts Ref. SEC-FASB on Fair Value

Featured Book
Audit Committee Essentials

by Curtis C. Verschoor
In response to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, increased oversight burdens have been placed on boards of directors. Even the boards or trustees of many privately held and not-for-profit corporations have adopted a number of these practices as a measure of best corporate practice. The need has never been greater for audit committees to assume primary responsibility for some of the most important duties of the boards of directors and to report regularly to the full board. Providing indispensable and authoritative guidance, Audit Committee Essentials covers the roles and responsibilities of the audit committee and explains why risk management and internal control are so critical and how the audit committee can work to make them even more effective.

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Top News
Rescue bill extends tax breaks, expands energy credits, and more

Tax provisions attached to the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and signed into law by President Bush on October 3 will result in over 290 changes to the Internal Revenue Code. In addition to extending a long list of tax breaks for individuals and businesses, the bill contains provisions directly related to the financial bailout and extends and expands energy credits.
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IRS Q&A explains first-time homebuyers tax credit
SEC, FASB issue clarifications on fair value accounting
Small Business News
Five tips for communicating the real value of your services

In the course of my work with all manner of professional service firms, I hear a very common lament. "We are becoming a commodity. The prospects just seem to buy on price. We are really good. How can I possibly separate myself from the crowd?"
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A bad boss can send you to an early grave
Who is the most important person in your office?
Firm/State/People News
A Conversation With... Betsy Nolen: The busy accountant's best friend

Betsy Nolen is not an accountant, but at the CPA firm of Barfield, Murphy, Shank & Smith in Birmingham, Alabama, she's a VIP. Ask anyone who works there and they'll tell you that this young woman is well-loved. What does she do? For the last two years, she has filled the role of personal valet to every member of the BMSS staff, from partners to the receptionist.
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Tax woes may have Paul Hogan feeling "down under"
Can racecar champ Helio Castroneves outrun the taxman?
Tech News
Excel Chart Advisor prototype simplifies graphs

Excel 2007 users have a new tool in their arsenal: the Chart Advisor from the Microsoft Office Labs - a new proofing ground for potential new Office features. Although this tool is a prototype, you may find it helpful in your daily work. David Ringstrom shows us how this add-in for Excel utilizes an advanced rules engine to analyze your data, and then rank chart suggestions based on their respective score.
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Virus alert: Google ads lure users to fake Norton download site
Keyboard shortcuts make quick work of Office Accounting tasks
Reduce litigation risks and costs with eDiscovery approach
Questions & Advice
Energy Credits
A company that proposes to install solar panels has computed the amount of the credit based upon cost before any rebates that are offered. In my experience, rebates reduce basis and therefore, reduce the amount of the credit. Are you allowed to treat the rebates as other income rather than reduce basis?
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Publicly available information
We are based in the UK and looking at trying to find the latest financial information on a US based entity for credit checking purposes. What are the sources that I should try? Is there a public body that can provide this information? Thanks in advance for your help.
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