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It's time to get out the weights again. If you don't have weights – get creative and find something heavy around your office that you can use instead. If you really feel adventurous, get someone to take a picture of you, hoisting that laptop bag or water bottle, and send it to me. I'll be happy to post it with this article! Some other weight alternatives might include canned goods, water bottles filled with sand, bean bags (you can make them out of old socks – as long as the socks don't have holes!). Just don't think you can't do these exercises because you don't have fancy dumbbells.

Gail Perry
Arm Curls
The basic setup for working with weights and doing arm exercises includes remembering to sit up straight with your feel flat on the floor. Keep your feet together. Do the exercises slowly and try to feel the muscle groups working as you stretch.
  1. Hold one weight in your right hand.
  2. Press your upper arm into your torso for support. Your arm will stay against your body for the entire exercise. Also, keep your wrist straight throughout the exercise.
  3. Hold the weight just above your right knee, with your palm up.
  4. Lift the weight until it almost touches your shoulder.
  5. Lower the weight back to its position above your knee.
  6. Repeat eight times.
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