July 27, 2011
Amongst all the gossip about compensation, from rumored exoduses at Ernst & Young to the impending news at Grant Thornton, it's a relief to know that there's really substantive news out there. Specifically, whether or not a former Tyco accountant-cum-party pooper Jeffrey Wiest could successfully sue his former employer under the claim that he was dismissed because he wasn't willing to sign off on party expenses that included mermaids, pirates and wenches.

Caleb Newquist
Comp Watch '11: The Wait Is Nearly Over at Grant Thornton
The numbers should be out by Monday.
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Court Tosses Lawsuit Filed by Fired Tyco Accountant Who Wasn't Interested in Being Responsible for Signing Off on a Party Featuring Mermaid Greeters, Wenches
Comp Watch '11: Rumors of Imminent Exodus at Ernst & Young Has Some Perplexed
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