July 29, 2011
For those looking to have an extramarital affair, do keep in mind that talking about work may not only make for extremely boring pillow talk but your lover may convince you that your intimate knowledge of these clients may make for a good trading strategy. I advise you to resist this temptation.

Caleb Newquist
What's the Deal with Groupon's Adjusted CSOI?
When you admit that one of the main metrics to measure business is a bit askew, that causes a few side-eyes.
Ex-Ernst & Young Partner's Former Lover Skirts Jail Time, 'Ashamed' for Sleeping Around to Land Insider Trading Tips
NASBA and AICPA Launch New Site to Take the Guesswork Out of Mobility
The Corporate Offshore Cash Stash; SEC Is On Groupon; Looking for the "Just Right" Amount of Going Concern Warnings
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