November 9, 2011
Adrienne Gonzalez One of my favorite parts of this job (besides getting paid to rip on people) is being able to help lost, confused young accountants who turn to our career advice brain trust for insight, wisdom and a good light ribbing. It's a pretty good feeling to know we've helped someone make life decisions, and probably makes up for all the times we lob "constructive criticism" (read: ripping on people) at accounting authorities, regulators, and just about anyone else who happens to be standing in our way.

Adrienne Gonzalez
Possible Future KPMGer Is Drawn to the Culture But Turned Off By KPMG's Reputation
I think we've taken the "KPMG is not Big 4" joke a little too far.
Is a 73 on BEC Worth a Rescore?
PwC Is Still Looking For (Other Big 4's) Talent
Two-Timing Intern Considers Coming Clean
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